Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Dzambala Wealth Vase

Dzambala Wealth Vases also known as Wealth Vases, In order to search for the best and most effective types the best ones are done by qualified people who are qualified such as those who have received the initiation on Dzambala's practice or those who have done Dzambals's retreat, the necessary fire puja and if possible on top of all that one must have completed Yamantaka’s holy practice.

The best vase is still those who have been directly imported from the holy monastery of Gaden Shartse in South India, which is approximately One night’s drive form Bangalore or Bombay. The holy monks from Pukhang Khangtsen of Gaden Shartse painted the wealth vases by hand and they also purchased all the necessary items to be inserted into the Wealth Vase, items such as different types of natural woods, metals, coins, very precious objects, many more items were inserted inside the Vaze which includes tsa tsa or pictures of Dzambala.

These items were inserted into the Vase by the holy monks and it took them weeks and weeks to finish the process, firstly they have to hand paint these items and then the holy monks have to consecrate the items, the holy monks have to placed the items inside and sealed it, and the last procedure is to invite the holy lamas and monks to do the necessary puja.

If you have enquiries or wanted to pucrchase one, please go to Dzambala Mystical Treasures in One Utama.


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