Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Yellow Dzambala

Yellow Dzambala, also known as one the Buddha of Wealth is in town! Since everyone is greedy and wants money, I mean tons of Money! Dzambala is the best Buddha to Pray for Material Wealth as he will help us out of poverty but most importantly, his practice can also bring us Spiritual Wealth to help us becoming a better person.

His form is kinda Short and Fat, whi is belief that obesity is synonymus with wealth and luxury. He has an arrogant expression and sits in a royal posture which warns us that if we act in an arrogant way to attemp to gain wealth, we will gain poverty instead. This posture also indicates to is that Yellow Dzambala is free from samsara and he can afford to laid back and chilled out.His Right foot steps on a conch shell which ment that he attained greath wealth. A fruit on his Right hand that signify that if we follow "his" practice, it will bear fruit for our effort to gain spiritual attainments and to be enlighted. On his left hand holds a mongoose which is belief that it ia a good omen in India. Precious Wish-Granting jewels were spits from the mouth of the mongoose which symbolise that if we do the Dzambala practice, we will gain both spiritual and material wealth immediately.

Yellow Dzambala's Mantra: OM ZAMBALA ZALENDRAYE SOHA

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